1999-2005 VW Jetta, Golf, GTI fuel pump relay

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How To:

Replace Fuel Pump Relay on a 1999-2005

VW Jetta, Golf and GTI

The vehicle we are working on is a 2001 VW Jetta equipped with a 2.0 L engine, the steps shown
 in this page will apply to the vehicles listed above.

The car was running fine, but one morning it failed to start, the engine was turning over but it wouldn't start.

Vehicle would not start, checked for spark

When the car came to our shop all we knew was that it wouldn't
 start,  we removed the plastic cover located on top of the engine
 to gain access  to the  spark  plug wires, we needed to see if the
vehicle had spark.

Remove spark plug wire

We removed one spark plug wire using a set of pliers designed
for that purpose.

Vehicle had spark so problem was not ignition system must be fuel delivery issue

Next, we checked for spark using a spark tester, the vehicle
had spark, which meant that the problem was not in the
ignition system but it was a fuel delivery issue

Check fuel pump activity and fuses

Knowing that our problem was not in the ignition system we
moved to the fuel system, we opened t he fuel tank door and we
 removed the gas cap, one of us turned the ignition key on while
the other  listened for the fuel pump, since there was no sign of
fuel pump activity we proceeded to check all the fuses located on
the left side of the dash by the door jam as shown in the image

Bad fuel pump relay or a bad fuel pump?

Since the fuses tested fine we suspected that the problem was
either a bad fuel pump relay or a bad fuel pump, we removed
the cover located under the dashboard on the driver's side to
gain access to the fuel pump relay

New relay may be needed

The fuel pump relay is shown in this image, it is the 3rd  relay
 from bottom on the far left and it is marked with the number
409 (see image), before removing the relay, touch its plastic
case while you turn the ignition switch on, if the relay is
working you will feel and hear a momentary click on and
another  off,  within a couple seconds, this is done to
pressurize the fuel system before you start the car.

In the vehicle we are working on the relay wasn't working
all, and since we had access to a new relay we chose to
 swap it to see if that was our problem

Install a new Fuel Pump Relay

To remove the fuel pump relay just pull it out gently, it should
 slide off  without excessive effort, we installed the new fuel pump
 relay on this vehicle and solved its problem, the fuel pump  started
working properly, there was no need for us to by-pass the fuel
 pump relay to send power to the fuel pump, we will illustrate
 how to by-pass the relay in future pages when we get a vehicle that
 has  a bad fuel pump, in this particular case all the vehicle needed
was a new fuel pump relay