89-95 Chevy truck intake manifold gasket replacement
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In this and the following pages you will learn how to replace the intake manifold gasket in 1989-1995 Chevrolet trucks equipped with 5.7 L V-8 engines.

The truck we are working on is a 1994 Chevrolet half ton truck equipped with a 5.7 V-8 engine ( 350 c i ), this particular truck had the same problem most trucks have sooner or later when it comes to intake manifold gaskets, and that is, it started leaking around the water ports, thankfully, the coolant was leaking to the outside instead of leaking inside the engine and contaminating the engine oil.

NOTE: If your truck has water in the oil, but it doesn't overheat, it is very likely that the problem could be due to a coolant leak around the water ports in the intake manifold gasket, however, if you notice water in the oil ( milky texture ), and your truck overheats, your problem is likely to be a bad head hasket.

The steps shown in this page about how to replace the Intake manifold gasket in 1989-1995 Chevrolet trucks with 350 ci engines were illustrated while working on a 1994 Chevrolet truck, notice that these steps will apply to most Chevrolet trucks from 1989 to 1995 if they are equipped with 350 ci engines ( 5.7 L )












 Before you start this job, allow the engine to cool down, disconnect the negative battery cable and proceed to drain the coolant in to a pan by loosening the drain plug located at the bottom of the radiator as shown in the picture.

 Remove the two wing nuts that secure the air cleaner housing in place, remove the lid and the entire air cleaner assembly.

 Remove the upper radiator hose.

 Unplug the coolant temperature sensor wire connector.

 Remove the nuts that secure the ground wires in place ( note their location, you will need to re-install them back after you replace the intake manifold gasket.).

 Remove the two brackets located in the front of the intake manifold and set them aside.

 Unplug the vaccum hoses located at the front of the throttle body assembly.

 Remove the air cleaner housing adapter.

 Unplug the fuel injectors by pressing on the plastic tabs and pulling up on the connector at the same time, unplug the TPS and IAC valve.

 Disconnect the metal line that supplies vaccum to the brake booster.

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