1993-2005 Ford Ranger Clutch replacement

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1993-2005 Ford Ranger 2wd pick-up trucks
Clutch Replecement.

The truck we are working on is a 1998 Ford Ranger 2wd equipped with a 3.0 L engine and a 5 speed manual transmission.  Take in consideration that even though the steps shown in this page are for this particular truck, they apply to most  Ford Ranger 2wd pick-ups built from 1993 to 2005.  

1993-2005 Ford Ranger transmission oil drain plug

 Before you start working on your truck, disconnect the negative battery cable and raise the truck off the ground with a floor jack and secure it with four jack stands.

Next, locate the transmission oil drain plug located at the bottom of the transmission housing, place a clean oil drain pan underneath and remove the drain plug as shown in the image, drain all the oil out and install the plug back on the transmission.

 Remove the four phillips head screws that hold the transmission shifter rubber boot to the floor and set them aside.

 Next, remove the other 4 screws that hold the metal bracket to the floor as shown in the image.

 There is limited space to remove the torx screws that hold the transmission shifter plate to the transmission housing, using a torx bit and a wrench as shown in the image, remove the 3 screws and remove the shifter, if this is the first time you do this type of repair, mark the relationship or the shifter plate to the transmission housing to allow you to install it correctly once you are done replacing the clutch.

 Place a clean shop towel in the shifter cavity to avoid dirt from entering the transmission, note that you will need to scrape the old gasket prior to installing the shifter back on, and a new gasket will be required, if you don't have access to a new gasket you can apply a light coat of RTV silicone instead upon installation.

 Detach the clutch hydraulic line from the transmission using a Ford hydraulic quick disconnect tool available in the tool section of our online store. Push the plastic insert in to release the metal tabs that hold the line in place, once the plastic insert is all the way in pull gently on the line and detach it from the transmission.

 Remove the 4 bolts that hold the drive shaft to the rear axle as shown in the image, once the bolts have been removed, separate the drive shaft from the rear axle and gently slide the other away from the transmission, set the drive shaft aside.

 Remove the two wires from the starter assembly and proceed to remove the bolts that hold the starter to the transmission bellhousing, remove the starter from the vehicle and set it aside.

 Disconnect the back-up light switch electrical connector as shown in the image.

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