1995 Ranger Slave Cylinder replacement 2

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This is the second page of the job titled, "How to replace the slave cylinder on a 1995 Ford Ranger 2wd equipped with a 4 cylinder engine."

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Loosen the bell housing bolts.

To gain access to the upper bolts you will need a long extension and a swivel. 

Leave only the 2 side bolts and remove the rest.

Remove the transmission mount nuts.

Place a floor jack under the transmission and remove the cross member bolts.

Remove the crossmember.

Disconnect the exhaust hanger from the transmission.

Use a safety chain to fasten the transmission to the floor jack.  Remove the remaining 2 bolts and carefully lower the transmission.

Take note, you will first need to separate the transmission from the engine and the transmission will have to be moved back enough for the input shaft to clear the pressure plate.

Once the transmission has been removed from the vehicle, place it on a work bench and remove the 2 slave cylinder mounting bolts.  Remove the slave cylinder.

Install the new slave cylinder.  Clean the splines on the input shaft and apply a light coat of high temp grease.

Install the transmission back on the vehicle and install the remaining components in the reverse order they were removed.  If the fluid that was drained was clean you can add it back to the transmission. Otherwise, this is the perfect opportunity to change the transmission fluid.

Check the fluid level in the reservoir.

To bleed the system install a rubber hose over the bleeder and attach it to a clean container.  Open the bleeder screw and allow gravity to do its work.  Close the bleeder once fluid starts coming out.  Apply the clutch.  If the pedal feels soft, there is still air in the system and you will need to bleed it the same way brakes are bled.

Here's how:
Have an assistant depress the clutch pedal a couple of times and hold it to the floor.  Open the bleeder screw until the pedal goes to the floor.  Close the bleeder and ask your assistant to slowly release the pedal.  Repeat this procedure until there is no more air in the system.  Lower the vehicle and take it for a test drive.  Make sure there are no leaks.