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How To:
Replace the Timing Chain on a 1998 Chevy S-10 2.2 Liter Engine
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Remove upper fan shroud bolts

Remove the upper fan shroud bolts.

Remove upper fan shroud housing

Remove the upper fan shroud housing.

Remove remaining section of air intake

Remove remaining section of air intake.

Pry the lower fan shroud  from retaining tabs

Pry the lower fan shroud away from retaining tabs.

Remove lower fan shroud section

Remove the lower fan shroud section.

Remove belt

Make sure serpentine belt routing diagram is still on the upper
half of the fan shroud prior to removing the belt.  If the routing
diagram is missing draw it on paper before removing belt.

Remove fan clutch

Use a fan clutch tool to keep the water pump pulley from
turning and using an adjustable wrench loosen and remove
the fan clutch. (This fan clutch unscrews counter
clockwise just like any other bolt)


Remove bolts and pulley

Hold the pulley with the fan clutch tool and remove the
four bolts and pulley.

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