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Replace the Timing Chain on a 1998 Chevy S-10 2.2 Liter Engine
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Align timing marks

Align the timing marks on the camshaft and crankshaft sprocket. 
Use white paint to make the marks more visible.

Remove bolt using an air impact wrench

Use a pry bar to keep the camshaft sprocket from turning
while removing the bolt using an air impact wrench. 

Remove camshaft sprocket

Remove the camshaft sprocket.

Remove crankshaft sprocket

Remove the crankshaft sprocket.

Loosen timing chain tensioner bolts

Loosen the timing chain tensioner bolts.

Remove timing chain tensioner

Remove the timing chain tensioner.

Apply clean engine oil to the timing chain prior to instillation. 
Install the new crankshaft sprocket. Wrap the chain around it. 
Place the timing chain tensioner in place without installing bolts. 
Insert the camshaft sprocket on the timing chain and install it
over the camshaft, making sure the timing marks are aligned.


Once both sprockets and timing chain have been installed
with timing marks aligned.  Proceed to tighten the camshaft
sprocket retaining bolt: 96 ft lbs.  Install and tighten the
timing chain tensioner bolts.

Remove the tensioner pin to allow it to operate.

Clean timing chain cover, remove seal

After the timing chain cover has been cleaned place it over
a couple wooden blocks.  Pry the seal out using a chisel
and hammer.

Crankshaft seal

Clean the mounting surface using a clean towel soaked
with brake cleaner.  Apply a light coat of RTV silicone to
the outer edge of the crankshaft seal and place it in its cavity. 

Install new gasket

Using a wooden block and hammer, tap the seal into place. 
Coat the inner lip with engine oil.  Install a new gasket on the
timing cover.  Apply a small amount of RTV silicone on the
corners of the timing cover that meets with the oil pan to
avoid having an oil leak.  Install the timing cover in the
four oil pan bolts previously removed.

Harmonic balancer mount

Clean the outer edge of the harmonic balancer mount.  Apply a
light coat of black RTV silicone to the groove inside the mount
that makes contact with the woodruff key.  Install the mount on
the crankshaft using a
harmonic balancer installer
Install the
remaining items in the reverse order they were removed. 
Tighten the center crankshaft pulley bolt to 77 ft lbs and the
outer 3 bolts to 43 ft lbs.