BMW Heater blower motor

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- In this page we will illustrate how to replace the heater blower motor in a BMW 325, the same steps apply to all BMW E30 series from 1984 to 1991, like BMW 318, BMW 325e,BMW 325es, BMW 325i, BMW 325is,BMW 325ic etc.

- Every step has a picture to make it easy to understand how to do it yourself with a few simple hand tools.

- You also need to remember that the air conditioning and the heater system share the same blower in this particular vehicle, so if you are searching for information about how to replace the AC blower motor in your BMW, the same steps apply.







 - The heater and AC blower motor in this particular vehicle is located in the firewall right behind the engine assembly.
- To gain access to it start by opening the hood of the vehicle, and start by removing the bolts that secure the electrical connector mounted on the blower motor cavity, the connector is next to the automatic transmission dipstick if your vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission.
If your vehicle has a manual transmission look between the brake booster and the engine assembly, remove the screws that secure the connector in place and move it out of the way.

 - Next proceed to remove the screws that secure the cover in place, make sure that you place them in a suitable container, because you will need to reuse them to install the cover back on. 

 - Next pulled the weather strip out of the way to expose the cover, with a flat screw driver pry gently between the cover and the firewall, they should separate effortless if all the screws have been removed.

 - With the outside cover removed, you are able to gain access to the second cover, you should see either a plastic strap like the one on the picture or a metal strap depending on the year and series of your BMW, if it is plastic, be very careful when removing the strap, they tend to become fragile over the years.

 - Remove the  strap and pull the second cover out of the way.

 - With the second cover out of the way, you have access to the blower motor assembly, proceed to unplug the wires that power the blower motor, pay attention on how they are routed, and the color of each wire and its location, they need to be installed in the same place once the new heater and AC blower motor is installed.

 - The last step needed to remove the AC heater blower motor assembly is to pry the metal bracket that secures the blower motor assembly in place out of the way, once the metal strap is removed the blower assembly should slide out .

- This type of AC/heater blower motor assembly comes with both blower wheels installed, that makes this item a bit costly, but the advantage of it coming this way, is that it will be balanced and it will have a quiet operation.

- Clean the terminals in both wires to make sure that they make good contact, proceed to install all the components in the reverse order you took them off.
 Make sure that you secure the wires with zip ties to make sure that they don't get caught between the blower wheels and the motor and cause a short in the electrical system.