Benz C230 heater control

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In this page we will illustrate how to replace the climate control panel on 1994-2000 Mercedes Benz C230.
 The vehicle we are working on is a 2000 Mercedes Benz C230 Sport.

 To gain access to the climate control panel it is necessary to remove the stereo and the center trim panel.

The stereo can be removed using the special Mercedes Benz radio removal tool, if you don't have this tool you can buy it from us click on this link.

NOTE: Don't forget to write down the stereo anti theft code, you will need to enter it once you install the stereo back on otherwise it won't work.

 Once you have inserted the stereo removal tools, pull on them gently to slide the stereo partially out, next, grab the stereo from its metal case and pull it all the way out, unplug the electrical connectors located on the back side and set the stereo aside.

 Use a small phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws located beneath the climate control panel shown in the image.

Next, remove the two remaining screws shown in the image.

 Gently pull on the center trim from the lower side, once it clears the center vent pull it out, unplug its electrical connector and set it aside.

 To remove the climate control panel, release the plastic tabs shown on the image located on each side of the control panel and pull it out.

Unplug its electrical connector by releasing the plastic tab and pulling the connector out.

 This is the perfect opportunity to inspect the operation of the blend door mechanism, operate them by hand to ensure that they are working properly.

 If you need to remove the center vent to perform any further inspection remove the two lower screws located under the vent first.

 Next, using a small pick, release the upper plastic tabs and pull the heater vent out.

 Install the components in the reverse order they were removed, to release the stereo removal tools press on the metal tabs located on the side of the stereo shown in the image, once both tools have been extracted plug the electrical connectors back on and slide the stereo in, you will hear it click once it is fully seated, you will need to enter the stereo anti theft code to allow it to operate.