Chevy GMC Truck Ignition Switch removal

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In our previous page GM truck bad Ignition switch we showed how to diagnose a faulty Ignition switch on GM trucks.

In this page we will Illustrate how to replace the Ignition switch on 1997-2005 Chevrolet and GMC trucks including Suburban, Tahoe, S-10 pick-up, Blazer among others.

In order for us not to repeat every step twice visit our previous page to learn how to remove the lower steering wheel cover, return to this page for instructions about how to complete the job.

The truck we are working on is a 1997 Chevrolet Silverado, but the same steps apply to the other models listed above.













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The next step after removing the lower steering wheel cover is to remove the upper steering wheel cover, locate and loosen the two bolts that secure the upper steering wheel cover in place. 

The Ignition lock/cylinder needs to be removed to be able to remove the upper steering wheel cover, to be able to remove the Ignition cylinder you need to turn it clockwise all the way, next insert a pick tool as shown in this picture to depress the pin that keeps the ignition cylinder in place.

once the pin has been depresed pull gently on the Ignition lock and key and remove it from the steering column.



Next lift and remove the upper steering wheel cover.









 Remove the two torx screws that secure the Ignition switch in place.

The Ignition key reminder can be removed by gently turning it sideways and lifting it up.








 Next cut the zip ties that secure the Ignition switch wires in place.









 The Ignition switch electrical connector is located under the dashboard, ( follow the ignition switch wires to find it) to be able to unplug the electrical connector, it is necesary to remove the bolt that secures the plastic bracket in place ( see image).

Now you should be able to turn the electrical connector to be able to loosen the bolt located in the center, this bolt is what keeps both parts of the connector together, once you loosen the bolt you should be able to pull the connector apart.

Next, separate the turn signals and cruise control electrical connectors from the Ignition switch plug.








 Next, unplug the neutral safety switch electrical connector, pull the Ignition switch/wiring harness all the way out.

Installation is reverse of removal.

Once the job is completed, start the truck, make sure that all the accessories work, take it for a test drive, make sure that the transmission shifts normal and the gauges in the instrument cluster work.