Dodge 4.7 L cylinder head gaskets part 5
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 This is part 5 for the job " How to replace the head gaskets on Dodge 4.7 L SOHC engines "

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 Remove the nuts from the exhaust flange on both sides, it is not necessary to remove the exhaust manifolds to remove the cylinder heads, there is enough room for the head and manifold to clear.

Remove the outer smaller diameter cylinder head bolts, remove the ground strap located behind the cylinder head, remove the breather hose connected to the rear side of each cylinder head.

Remove the remaining cylinder head bolts and remove the cylinder head.

NOTE: make sure that you lift the cylinder head straight up to avoid damaging the valves.

If you pay close attention to this cylinder head, you can see where the water entered the combustion chamber ( rusty appearance ) after the heat warped the head.

remove the old head gaskets, inspect the pistons and cylinder walls.






Set the cylinder head on a workbench on its side as shown in this picture, remove the exhaust manifold, keep all the components separate ( left and right cylinder heads ).

Place two wooden blocks one in each end of the cylinder head as shown in the picture to avoid damaging the valves that are open, slowly remove the bolts from the camshaft retaining caps evenly, the caps are marked and they will need to be assembled back in their original locations.

Next remove the rocker arms, keep them in a box marked with their original location, if you pay close attention to this picture you will note that some of the rocker arms in this picture are rusty, the reason is that the owner left the truck parked inside a hot garage for over a month after it overheated, causing some of the water mixed with the oil to evaporate damaging the camshafts and some of the rocker arms.

Next remove the hydraulic lifters, just like the rocker arms, keep them in a labeled box.

Remove the spark plugs and the camshaft position sensor ( right cylinder head ).

Take the cylinder heads to your local machine shop for repair, we mentioned in a previous page that we asked the machine shop to disasemble the cylinder heads, inspect them for cracks, heat-straighten them if necessary or just re-surface the heads, finally perform a complete valve job.

When we picked the cylinder heads from the machine shop they looked like brand new heads.

Before istalling the new cylinder head gaskets, clean the engine block with a wire brush as shown in the picture.

Be gentle when doing this, don't overdoit, if you get carried away you will damage the engine block.

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