Dodge 4.7 L cylinder head gaskets part 4
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 This is part 4 for the repair " How to replace the head gaskets on Dodge 4.7 L SOHC engines "

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  To make installation easier, we opted to mark the relationship of each camshaft to the camshaft retaining caps.

This is where the job gets tricky: There are two ways to remove the cylinder heads without damaging the valves from piston to valve contact.

1- If you have a valve spring  compressor tool designed to compress the valve springs with the camshafts still on the head you can do it that way, remove all the rocker arms to make sure that all the valves are in their closed position , that way when you remove the timing chain and the camshaft sprocket turns it won't cause a valve to hit one of the pistons.

2- We didn't have access to such a tool when we were removing the cylinder heads and we were in a short deadline, we opted to build a custom made tool shown in the image to keep the camshafts from turning while removing the timing chains to avoid valve to piston contact. 

With the custom made tool holding the camshaft sprocket in place, loosen the camshaft sprocket bolts, don't remove them yet, just loosen them up.

Remove the center bolt on the lower timing chain sprocket.

NOTE: You can use locking pliers to hold the camshafts from turning while you loosen the camshaft sprocket bolts  as long as the pliers have protective sleeves and they are used on the shaft not on the camshaft lobes.

Compress the lower timing chain tensioner with channel lock pliers as shown in the picture, insert a pin to keep it in its compressed position to allow easy removal of the lower timing chain.

Mark the relationship of the left timing chain to the lower timing chain sprocket as showin in the image, like we mentione before, the timing chains have colored links to install the timing chains in their correct location in the event that you forget to mark them but it is better to be 100% sure and mark their relationship for re-installation.

Remove th left timing chain tensioner and keep it in a marked box, you will need to install each item in its original location, have one box for the left timing chain, timing chain tensioner and guides and another box for the components from the right cylinder head.

Carefully remove the plastic round cover from the left cylinder head to gain access to the upper bolt that holds the timing chain guide in place, remove both bolts and remove the timing chain guide.

The next step is to remove the left timing chain from the sprocket, if  you are a custom made tool like the one we used, you will need to remove it temporarily while you remove the camshaft sprocket to free the timing chain, you will need to hold the camshaft from turning with locking pliers as described earlier, after the chain has been removed from the camshaft sprocket, install the sprocket back on the camshaft and istall the sprocket holding tool back on.

Now that the left timing chain is disconnected from the camshaft sprocket, it can be moved out of the way to mark the relationship of the right timing chain to the lower timing chain sprocket as shown in the picture, this will ensure that the timing is kept during installation.

NOTE: As described earlier, in the event that you forget to mark the chains, they have colored links to ensure their propper installation.

To gain access to the retaining bolts on the right cylinder head, remove the plug shown in this picture.

Remove the timing tensioner, and timing chain guide, proceed to remove the timing chain from the camshaft sprocket the same way you did on the opposite cylinder head.

Once both timing chains have been detached from the camshaft sprockets, proceed to remove all 3 timing chains and both lower timing chain sprockets as one unit as shown in the picture, make sure that you keep each timing chain in their marked boxes, that way you won't mix them upon installation.

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