Ford Explorer 4.0 L water pump replacement part one

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                               Ford Explorer 4.0 L Water Pump Replacement

In the following pages we will illustrate how to replace the water pump on a 1999 Ford Explorer equipped with a 4.0 L OHV engine.

Take note that these steps will be similar for most Explorers and Ford Rangers with 4.0 L push rod style engines.

 Place the vehicle in park, set parking brake and disconnect the negative battery cable for added safety.

Unplug the breather hose as shown in the image, separate the wire retainer from the air intake hose.

 Loosen both hose clamps and remove the air intake hose.

 Place a clean drain pan under the vehicle, loosen the radiator drain plug to drain the old engine coolant.

 Loosen the water pump pulley while the serpentine belt is still on the engine to keep the pulley from turning, use a pry-bar in between the bolts to keep the pulley from turning if necessary.

 Using a 3/8 drive ratchet, release the belt tension by moving the tensioner toward the center of the engine, remove the belt and set it aside.

NOTE: Make sure that the belt routing diagram is still on the engine compartment, if not you need to draw a picture of the position of the belt around the pulleys, this is also a great opportunity to install a new belt on the engine upon re-assembly.

 This is a picture of the fan clutch tool needed to loosen the fan clutch in this particular engine.

 Hold the pulley in place by hooking the tool on two bolts, use the open end wrench to loosen the fan clutch by turning it counterclockwise like a regular nut and bolt, don't remove the fan clutch completely yet.

 Remove the two fan shroud bolts and place them in a clean container.

 Remove the fan clutch and the fan shroud at the same time.

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