Ford F-250 brake shoes 2

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           Ford F-250 Rear Brake Shoes Replacement part 2

 This page is part 2 for the repair titled " How to replace the rear brake shoes on 1980-1996 Ford F-250 pick-up trucks".

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 Install the new adjusting lever pin on the new secondary brake shoe.

 Install the adjusting lever and return spring as shown in the image.

 Open the adjusting screw all the way, clean it with brake cleaner.

 Apply a light coat of high temp brake grease or anti seize to the threads on the adjusting screw.

 Place the  new upper retracting spring on top of the hub as shown in the image.

 Install the new hold down pins. 

 Install the hold down spring on the secondary brake shoe.

 Place the secondary brake shoe in place and using locking pliers attach the hold down spring to the hold down pin, repeat these steps on the primary brake shoe.

 Attach the upper retracting spring to both brake shoes.

Install the adjusting screw in place.

 Next, install the lower retracting spring followed by attaching the adjusting cable to the adjusting lever.

 In this particular truck we had the need to install new brake drums because the brake shoes were worn down to the metal causing deep groves on the brake drums from metal to metal contact. It is necessary to clean the new brake drums with brake cleaner to remove the oil from they are coated with to preventing from rusting.

It is easier to adjust the rear brakes by turning the adjusting screw while the rear brake drums are off, adjust them till the drum fits snug against the brake shoes.

Next, install the rear wheels, finish adjusting the rear brakes through the small window located at the bottom of the backing plate, you will know that the brakes have been adjusted properly when you feel a small drag as you turn the wheel by hand and when you attempt to spin the tire it stops after 1 to 1 1/2 turn.