1988-1996 Ford F150 clutch slave cylinder 1

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           1988 to 1996 Ford Internal Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement

In the following two pages we will illustrate how to replace the clutch slave cylinder on 1988-1996 Ford F-150 2wd pick-up trucks equipped with 5 speed manual transmissions.

The truck we are working on is a 1994 Ford f-150 2wd equipped with a 4.9 L engine and 5 speed manual transmission.

As you know the clutch slave cylinder in these trucks is mounted directly over the transmission input shaft and it is necessary to remove the transmission to gain access to it.

We have included a complete step by step guide including pictures for an easier understanding about this particular repair.

 Start by disconnecting the negative battery cable for safety, raise the truck off the ground with a floor jack and secure it using jack stands under the front I-beams and the rear axle.

Remove the four screws that fasten the shifter boot to the floor board and lift it up to gain access to the shifter nut.

 To remove the shifter from the transmission remove the shifter nut located on the right hand side of the shifter, install the same nut on the opposite side of the shifter and tighten it till the stud comes loose, remove the stud and shifter.

Note that we removed the section of the floor board located above the transmission for easier access but it is not absolutely necessary for shifter removal.

Drain the transmission fluid into a clean container by removing the drain plug located at the bottom of the transmission shown in the image.

 Remove both starter solenoid wires from the starter ( signal wire and positive cable coming from battery )

 Remove the lower starter mounting bolt and negative cable, remove the upper bolt and remove the starter from the vehicle.

remove the driveshaft mounting bolts and remove the rear driveline from the truck.

NOTE: If your truck has a driveshaft carrier bearing remove only two of the bolts and leave the other 2 hand tight, follow instructions on next image.

Remove the carrier bearing bolts, hold the driveline with one hand as you remove the remaining driveshaft retaining bolts, remove the driveline from the truck by pulling it out of the transmission and set it aside.

 Remove  the dust shield bolts shown in the image.

 Remove the upper bellhousing bolts .

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