1988-1996 Ford F150 clutch slave cylinder 2

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 This is the second part for the repair titled " How to replace the clutch slave cylinder on 1988-1996 Ford F-150 2wd".

If you found this page while surfing the web and you would like to see this repair from the start click here.

 Loosen the remaining bellhousing bolts but leave one bolt on each side hand tight and remove the rest.

 Using a tool similar to the one shown in the image depress the plastic ring located on the outside edge of the hydraulic line, once the plastic ring is fully depressed pull the line out of the slave cylinder.

NOTE: If you don't have access to this tool, you can use a flat screwdriver, just be careful not to damage the plastic sleeve.

 Remove the two transmission mount nuts.

  Remove the nuts that fasten the upper cross-member brackets to the frame, it is not necessary to remove the bolts  just the nuts.

 Remove all  the crossmember nuts and bolts.

Place a floor jack under the transmission and lift it up till the transmission mount studs clear the crossmember, using a pry-bar lift one of the upper side brackets and pull on the crossmember till it clears it, remove the crossmember and set it aside.
Carefully remove the remaining bellhousing bolts and lower the transmission to the ground, pull the transmission out and set it on a workbench.

  Remove the two retaining bolts and pull the clutch slave cylinder away from the transmission input shaft.

Note the shiny spot on the bottom of the transmission bellhousing caused by the clutch fluid leak coming from a bad slave cylinder.

 Clean the transmission bellhousing with brake fluid to remove the clutch fluid, install the new clutch slave cylinder and tighten the bolts properly, lubricate the input shaft with a light coat of  high temp synthetic grease.

NOTE: This is the perfect opportunity to install a new clutch set and to have the flywheel machined, in our case it wasn't necessary because the clutch had been replaced recently and the clutch fluid didn't contaminate the clutch disc and pressure plate.

 Install the transmission back on the truck and the remaining components in the reverse order they were removed, lubricate the hydraulic line seal with a light coat of brake fluid prior to installing it on the new clutch slave cylinder, fill the clutch master cylinder reservoir with new clutch fluid and open the bleeder located above the hydraulic line on the slave cylinder to bleed the air from the system, gravity is your best friend to bleed this system but in the event that you weren't able to bleed all the air out of the system you can do it in the same way you can bleed the air from the brake system.

Don't forget to fill the transmission with new fluid prior to starting the engine.