My VW Passat won't start
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- In this page we will show you how to find the problem when your 1993 VW Passat won't start,  in this particular case, the engine wouldn't turn over when activating the ignition switch, all the accessories worked with the key on, but nothing would happen when turning the ignition key all the way to the starting position.

We wanted to find out if the problem was a bad starter or a bad ignition switch, and after doing a few simple tests, we discovered that the reason why the Passat wouldn't start was because it had a bad ignition switch.

This is how we did it............








 - We first made sure that the car battery was fully charged, and our problem wasn't just a low battery, if you don't have a battery charger, you can charge it with jumper cables using a second vehicle.

 1- Knowing that the problem is not a low battery, locate the starter assembly, If you don't know where is at, follow the big positive cable, it is connected to the starter solenoid, proceed to unplug the smaller wire from the starter ( red with black stripe).

 - To activate the starter directly bypassing the ignition switch is very simple, using a jumper wire, connect the large positive cable connected to the starter solenoid and the terminal where you unplugged the smaller wire, make sure the car is in neutral if equipped with a manual transmission, if the starter works by doing this step, the problem is not  a bad starter, and you need to keep reading.

 --Remove the two screws that secure the lower steering column cover in place and move it out of the way.

 - Next, tilt the steering column all the way down and lift the upper steering column cover out of the way.

 - With both steering column covers removed, you have plenty of access to the ignition switch, unplug the electrical connector from the back of the ignition switch.

 - We used a test light to test for power , for two reasons: - To make sure that the problem was not a melted wire and to use the current to by-pass the ignition switch to activate the starter.

 - With a small jumper wire, connect the vehicle's power to the terminal that leads to the starter solenoid, this will activate the starter by-passing the ignition switch, if the starter spins, you just found the problem, a bad ignition switch, in the next page, we will show you how to replace the ignition switch in this vehicle, ( The car we are working on is a 1993 VW Passat, but these steps are similar for  VW Jetta, VW Golf / GTI, Corrado with same body style.

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