Nissan Frontier brakes part 1

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                                         2000 Nissan Frontier Front Brake Pads
                            and Brake Rotors Replacement

In the following 2 pages we will illustrate how to replace the front brake pads and brake rotors on a 2000 Nissan Frontier 2wd.

Before you start this job, raise the front of the truck using a floor jack, place 2 jack stands under the frame for safety and remove the front tires. 

Remove the 2 caliper bolts and slide the brake caliper out and set it on top of the upper control arm, use a piece of rope if available to keep it from falling and pulling on the brake hose.

Remove the front brake pads, pay attention of their location, normally the brake pad with the wear indicator goes on the back side of the brake rotor, you need to install the new brake pads in the same location.

Remove the brake caliper bracket bolts, you may need to use a breaker bar to loosen them up.

Remove the brake caliper bracket and set it aside.

 Use a chisel and hammer to separate the dust cap from the hub, be careful not to drive the chisel further than the outer edge of the dust cap otherwise you will puncture a hole in it

Remove the cotter pin and nut lock.

 Remove the nut, washer and outer bearing, pull the hub assembly off the spindle and set it on a clean work bench.

Remove the inner wheel seal using a seal puller.

 Remove the inner wheel bearing and set it aside.

Remove the bolts that hold the brake rotor and hub together, pull the old brake rotor away from the hub and discard it.

Place the wheel bearings inside a clean metal pan, use gasoline to remove the old grease, finish cleaning them spraying them with brake cleaner and dry them up using compressed air if available, do the same with the nut, washer and nut lock.

 Grease the wheel bearings using a wheel bearing packer similar to the one shown in the image, keep pumping grease till you see it come out at the bottom, finish coating the outer part of the bearing using your fingertips.

Install the inner bearing inside the hub, clean the inside edge using a clean paper covered with brake cleaner before installing the new wheel seal.

Use a large socket and a robber mallet to install the new wheel seal, coat the inside edge of the seal with grease.