Side steps, nerf bars,chrome tube steps, running boards
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       - Westin chrome Nerf bars

  - GORHINO Dominator II side steps

  - 2004 Dodge RAM 2500 pick-up quad cab before GO-RHINO Dominator II side steps were installed

  - Placing side step mounting bracket in place to mark the exact location where the pilot holes will be drilled.

  - Marking with a punch where the first pilot hole will be drilled

  - Drilling out first pilot hole


   - Marking the location where the next pilot hole will be drilled

   - Installing mounting hardware to fasten steps to the truck

   - Installing extra self drilling screws to give extra strength to step mounting brackets

  - We chose to grind the edge of the outer flat washers to avoid damaging the body of the truck


   - RAM with installed GO-RHINO Dominator II black side steps


 - In this web page we will DISPLAY several styles of steps, side steps, tube steps  and  Nerf bars and we will show you how to install them on your pick-up truck, Jeep, Hummer and SUV.

- There are several brands and styles to choose from, all as unique as the personality you want your truck to have, they include:
Chrome Nerf bars, oval tube steps,running boards,fiberglass steps and more.

The most common brands are:
 Westin, GORHINO, Manik, Nasta, LUND, Trail FX, DeeZee, Bremen Composites and more, all of these brands are available for most trucks, jeeps, Hummers and SUV's at JL SPORT TRUCKS LLC, Their  website is:   WWW.JLSPORTTRUCKS.COM

  - The first product we will illustrate is a set of GO-RHINO Dominator II black side steps.

  The installation instructions and pictures are courtesy of JL SPORT TRUCKS, ( the steps were purchased on their website ):


 The part number of the Go-Rhino Dominator 2 side steps we installed on this 2004 Dodge RAM 2500 quad cab is:
-NOTE: The last letter ( B ) stands for black, if you want stainless, the part number will be:
- These steps fit Dodge quad cab trucks from 2002 to 2007 ( they do not fit a mega cab )

- The part numbers for the mega cab are:
  - Black:              D24049B
  - Stainless:        D24049PS

  - To the left is the picture of the 2004 Dodge RAM 2500 quad cab pick-up before the GO-RHINO Dominator II side steps were installed.

  - The steps came with all the hardware needed to complete the installation, it even came with instructions, we chose to double check everything when we installed the first step because sometimes the parts don't match perfect, and once you drill a hole, it is there to stay, so it pays off to pre-fit
everything before you start drilling.

 As you can see on the picture to your left we are clamping the first bracket in place and marking the first hole as described on the instructions provided by GORHINO. ( 10" from the bolt on the lower part of the front fender )

  - This pictures shows how once we knew where the first hole needed to be drilled and made sure that the  mounting bracket wouldn't interfere with any body mounts, fuel lines, wires etc., we  marked it with a center punch.

  - Next we drilled out  the first pilot hole, please note that the bolts needed to fasten the mounting brackets to the body of the truck are 3/8", we chose to drill a smaller hole first to ensure that it would be centered correctly before we drilled the final hole.

  - After we drilled the first pilot hole, we held the bracket low enough for us to see where the next pilot hole needed to be, and we marked it .

  - Next we drilled the correct size hole ( 3/8" ) and we installed the first mounting bracket in place.
 Once we had the first mount secured we chose to place the step up against it and installed the bolts to both bracket and step as we held the other end of the step with a floor jack and we proceeded to mark all the other pilot holes where the mounts needed to be, making sure that they would fit correctly on both, the truck and the steps.

While doing this we noticed something that was not mentioned in the instructions; there are two slightly curved brackets out of the six, they need to be mounted in the center since the cab has an angle where this bracket needs to be mounted.

Once we marked all the locations where the  holes needed to be drilled, we lowered the step and drilled all the pilot  holes, next we re-drilled all of them  with a 3/8" drill bit, next we installed the remaining brackets, and aligned the step to them, after making sure that everything looked good, we tightened all the nuts and bolts.

 - We wanted to make sure that our steps were going to stand tons of weight, and we noticed that even though the mounting brackets came with two small holes above the mounting bolts, it didn't come with any hardware to be used on them.
 We believe that this may be done by GORHINO to avoid potential problems caused by inexperienced people installing their products, like drilling a hole right through the body of the truck!!!.

 - We opted to install 1" self drilling screws, they were long enough to go through the bracket and the body, but short enough to avoid damaging the truck by drilling through both sides of the body ( inner part and outer part).

 - If you look closely at the picture on the left, you can see how in order to avoid damaging the lower part of the truck by forcing a flat washer up against a lower curved body panel, we chose to grind the edges instead and that allowed the washers to seat completely flat without a problem.

  The same steps involved to install the passenger side step to the truck applies when installing the driver's side step.


   - The driver's side and passenger side steps DO NOT INTERCHANGE!!!,

  Make sure that you look at the label on each step, if the label is missing, the way you can know which one is the correct one for each side, measure the  distance from the end of the tube to the first step, the front step is closer to the end of the tube than the rear step.

 This is how the truck looks once the steps have been installed.  It looks a lot better in person than it looks in the picture, just so you know.