Toyota 3.0 Timing Belt 1

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How To: 
Replace the Water Pump & Complete Timing Belt Component Kit
on 1988-1992 Toyota Pick-Ups & 4 Runners
 3.0 L Engines

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Please note that these steps will be similar for 3.0 L engines built from 1993 to 1995 also, the main difference is the timing belt tensioner design, engines built from 1988 to 1992 have a mechanical tensioner ( operated by a spring ) and the engines built from 1993-to 1995 have a hydraulic tensioner.

The truck we are working on is a 1990 Toyota pick-up 2wd equipped with a manual transmission and a 3.0 L V-6 engine.

Remove radiator drain plug

Drain engine coolant by loosening radiator drain plug

Unhook upper radiator hose from radiator, open the hose clamp and slide it away from radiator

Detach hose connected to engine on the opposite side of water outlet

Remove 2 nuts holding water outlet, remove from engine

Using a reverse torx socket remove the two small studs that held water outlet in place

Loosen fan clutch retaining nuts

Remove fan shroud and cooling fan clutch

Remove belts

Detach lower radiator hose from thermostat housing



Before you start working on your truck, allow the engine to cool down, unhook the negative battery cable, locate the plate that allows access to the radiator drain plug ( shown in image )and remove it from the truck.

Next, place a clean deep pan under the truck and proceed to drain the engine coolant by loosening the radiator drain plug.

Now that the engine coolant has been drained out of the engine, unhook the upper radiator hose from the radiator, using channel lock pliers open the hose clamp and slide it back away from the radiator to facilitate the hose removal.

Detach the hose connected to the engine on the opposite side of the water outlet as shown in the picture.

Remove the two nuts that hold the water outlet and remove it from the engine.



Using a reverse torx socket (looks like a star) remove the two small studs that held the water outlet in place. 

It is easier to loosen the fan clutch retaining nuts before the accessory belts are removed, the tension on the belts keep the pulley from turning while loosening the nuts, remove two nuts completely and leave two of them loose at this time.

Remove the 4 fan shroud mounting bolts and the two remaining nuts from the cooling fan clutch, remove the fan shroud and the cooling fan/fan clutch assembly at the same time. 

Locate the alternator and power steering pump adjusting/mounting bolts, loosen them up to be able to release the tension on the belts, remove the belts and set them aside, use a small piece of masking tape to mark them for easy identification upon installation.

NOTE: This is the perfect time to inspect the belts for cracks, replace the belts if needed.

Detach the lower radiator hose from the thermostat housing using pliers to open the hose clamp in the same way you did it on the upper radiator hose.