Toyota 3.0 Timing Belt 2

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How To: 
Replace the Water Pump & Complete Timing Belt Component Kit 
on 1988-1992 Toyota Pick-Ups & 4 Runners 
 3.0 L Engines

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Please note that these steps will be similar for 3.0 L engines built from 1993 to 1995 also, the main difference is the timing belt tensioner design, engines built from 1988 to 1992 have a mechanical tensioner ( operated by a spring ) and the engines built from 1993-to 1995 have a hydraulic tensioner.

The truck we are working on is a 1990 Toyota pick-up 2wd equipped with a manual transmission and a 3.0 L V-6 engine.

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Position engine in TDC, compression stroke 

Remove front power steering mounting bracket and fan pulley bracket 

Detach spark plug wires from plastic spark plug wire holders attached to upper timing cover bolts then remove

Remove timing cover bolts and upper timing belt cover

Align timing marks on both camshafts

Remove crankshaft center bolt

Remove the 4 small bolts and remove the outer pulley attached to harmonic balancer

Remove harmonic balancer

Remove bolts fastening lower timing cover to engine block and remove cover

Remove timing belt guide washer

The next step is to position the engine in TDC (compression stroke), to accomplish this, remove the distributor cap (leave the spark plug wires connected) and using a socket and ratchet turn the engine slowly in a clockwise direction by the crankshaft center bolt, once the timing marks on the crankshaft pulley are aligned (see picture) and the ignition rotor is pointing towards the number one spark plug wire on the distributor the engine is in TDC compression stroke, take note that the crankshaft turns two revolutions per i revolution of the camshaft, and the engine could be 180 degrees off if the ignition rotor is facing in the opposite direction of the no. 1 cylinder. 

Next, remove the front power steering mounting bracket and the fan pulley bracket.

Detach the spark plug wires from the plastic spark park plug wire holders attached to the upper timing cover bolts and using a flat screwdriver remove them from the engine.

Remove the timing cover bolts and remove the upper timing belt cover, note that the upper bolts are different from the lower bolts and they need to be installed back on in the same way.

Now that the upper timing belt cover has been removed, verify that the timing marks on both camshafts are aligned with the marks on the metal plate behind the sprockets as shown in the picture. 

Next, remove the crankshaft center bolt.

We opted to use an air impact wrench to make our job easier since this bolt is very tight, in order to have enough room for the impact to fit we had to remove the radiator, if you don't have access to this tool, have a friend hold the engine from turning using a pry-bar against the teeth on the flywheel while you loosen the bolt, the main goal is to keep the engine from turning to maintain the alignment marks intact. 

Remove the 4 small bolts and remove the outer pulley attached to the harmonic balancer.

Using a puller similar to the one on the image, proceed to remove the harmonic balancer, you may have to hold the puller with the other hand to keep it from turning as you remove the pulley.

Remove the bolts that fasten the lower timing cover to the engine block and remove the cover from the engine. 

Remove the timeng belt guide washer.