Toyota Truck Oil Pan Gasket


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In this page we will illustrate how to replace the oil pan gasket in a 1989 Toyota 2wd pick-up equipped with a 4 cylinder 22R engines.
 These steps will apply to most 2wd Toyota trucks equipped with 22R engines.








 To be able to remove the oil pan from this 2wd Toyota truck, it is necesary to lower the steering drag link to gain enough clearance to remove the oil pan from the vehicle.

Start by removing the cotter pins from the pitman arm and idler arm as shown in the picture.

NOTE: Make sure that you drain the oil before staring this job, it would be harder to remove a full oil pan than an empty one. Also disconnect the negative battery cable before you start this job.

 Once the cotter pins have been removed, loosen the nuts on the pitman arm and the idler arm but don't remove them completely yet.

Using a tie rod end puller as shown in the picture, separate the drag link joints from the pitman arm and idler arm.

 After the steering drag-link has been lowered, you will need to remove the crossmember located under the oil pan, remove the four bolts that keep it in place and remove it from the truck.

  With the steering drag-link and lower crossmember out of the way, remove the bolts that secure the oil pan to the engine block and remove the pan from the vehicle.

 Next, scrape the old gasket from the engine block and the oil pan.

NOTE: In this particular truck, the owners installed an aftermarket cork gasket and eventually started leaking, most toyota trucks don't come equipped with gaskets, they usually are sealed with gray silicone. 

 Instead of installing a cork gasket, we  applied gray silicone to the oil pan as shown in the picture for a perfect seal and to keep it as factory equipped as possible.

Once you are done installing the oil pan, install the lower crossmember and the steering drag link back in place, make sure that you tighten the oil pan bolts and the pitman arm and idler arm properly, don't forget to install new cotter pins on the idler arm and pitman arm.

Add engine oil to the truck, start the engine and watch the oil pressure gauge, allow it to run for a few minutes and check for oil leaks.