Our Mission at Howstuffinmycarworks.com is to provide Free, Easy to Understand Automotive How-to Tutorials.

Mission, Vision, Values

Back in 2006 we saw a need for a Safe Place where Auto Enthusiasts of all Ages and Gender could visit and learn How Stuff in their Cars Works. 

Our Mission is to keep this site Free of Charge that way everybody can benefit from this Information.

If you're as passionate about learning How Everything in your Vehicles Works and you also like to perform your own Repairs you are going to love our site.

Our Commitment  to our Visitors is that we will always look for ways to Improve what we do when we create our Free How-to Tutorials.

Our Commitment

JL SPORT TRUCKS LLC was founded in 2004, due to a growing need we created Howstuffinmycarworks Concept to help Automotive Enthusiasts of all ages giving them Free Access to very Detailed Free How-to Tutorials.

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